Thursday, 28 August 2008


Firstly, I have had a lot of enjoyment perusing the novels from the lists on the site, and had a hard time choosing. So I decided that if I could get the books from my local library and select from my own bookshelves, it would solve the problem.

Here are my chosen books and I will elect for the ROYALTY

Timeline by Michael Crichton
Credo - Melvyn Bragg
The Merlin Trilogy - Mary Stewart
The Lantern Bearers - Rosemary Sutcliff
Daughter of Tintgel Series - Wise Woman Telling
White Nun's Telling
Black Smith's Telling
Taliesin's Telling
The Tainted Relic - Simon Beaufort, Bernard Knight etc.

I have had Credo on my bookshelf for sometime, so this has given me the impetus to read the story.

No doubt when I finish reading all of the above, I may be tempted to try some more.


The Holistic Knitter said...

The Daughter of Tintgel Series sounds interesting ;0)

seashellg said...

I have finished reading "The Mandrake Broom" by Jess Wells. I am currently reading "Blood and Roses" by Helen Castor, which is very interesting & I can hardly put it down. I am loving European History. The medievel challenge is exciting.