Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Black Smith's Telling by Fay SAMPSON

Book 3 of the Daughters of Tintagel series and this story tells of Teilo Smith - another person who becomes beholden to Morgan - poor Teilo, he used to be a powerful (Black)Smith and master of the old ways. But he is drawn to Morgan and in the process loses his wife, due to her being accidently poisoned. He had made a potion to give to someone else, and his wife has touched the bowls. His daughter leaves home and Morgan then places a spell on him , so that he has to live the rest of his wife, dressed as a woman and carrying out women's roles.
Morgan's sisters" - Elaine and Morgawse are also dangerous and want revenge on Arthur.

We read also of Arthur's rise in power - but where is Merlyn. No doubt we will be told in the following books.

I have always had a fascination with Arthurian tales, and am enjoying these books.

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