Monday, 9 February 2009

End of Challenge

Hi everyone
Well the challenge has now 'officially' finished. Congratulations to all of you who completed your set reading / watching.
You can still post here until the end of the month if you're still reading - I'll stop the postings on the 31st.
Hope you all had fun - I did - and I've some great recommendations from you all too.
With very best wishes - happy reading
Lynda ;0)


Ana T. said...

Thank you for a great challenge Lynda! :-)

Ana O. said...

Thanks for doing this challenge, Lynda. I only managed to read 2 of my 6 books, though I'll continue reading till the end of the month and will probably still publish another review.

zetor said...

Thankyou for the challenge, I only wish I'd found it earlier.I found some great recommendations.

Jeska said...

Alas, I suppose I should consider myself a serf, rather than royalty. Great challenge, I learned a lot!