Monday, 19 January 2009

The Last Enchantment by Mary Stewart

The third book of the Merlin Trilogy.

There is such a wealth of great reading and writing in this series, that it was sad to come to the end of the book.

The final part tells of Arthur's reign and how succeeds in pushing back the Saxon's.
We are told of his marriages (the first to Gueneva, who dies in childbirth; then along comes Guinevere).
This marriage is childless, and because of Arthur's frequent absences, Guinevere falls in love with Bedwyr(who we know as Lancelot).
Merlin also features strongly, and he is captivated by Nimue, who becomes his young apprentice, and is really out to learn as much as she can of magic and sorcery.
A bout of sickness leaves Merlin almost to the point of death, and everyone, including Nimue, believes that he has died, even to having his cave closed up.
But he recovers, and it takes some time for his strength to return, whereupon he sends word to Arthur.

Mordred, Arthur's son from his liason with Morgause (his half sister) comes to Court, and so ends this story's tale.

The trilogy is a good read for lovers of the early days of Britain and Arthurian legends.
Have just discovered another book which relates to the Merlin trilogy (The Wicked Day)and will try and get this to read as well.

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