Thursday, 29 January 2009

Medieval Britain: The Age of Chivalry by Lloyd and Jennifer Laing

This is my second post for this challenge (I despair of finishing my other books before the end!), and it is the first non-fiction book I have read about the medieval time period.
Medieval Britain: The Age of Chivalry is laid out like a text book, and covers the time period from the Norman Conquest in the 1000's to the 1500's. Each chapter focuses on a different area of Medieval life, focusing on Britain, but also giving details about Europe at points. The chapter headings are Society; Castles; The Countryside; The Church; Towns; Trade and Communications; Science and Technology, Superstition and Medicine; Leisure and Fashion; and Intellectual and Artistic Endeavor. This gives you an idea of what information this text has to offer.
Although the information given in this book is interesting, I found it to be too broad of an overview for what I was hoping. This book is definitely a good starting point for someone looking to read more about medieval times. I will have to explore further for a book that delves more deeply into this time period, however.


The Holistic Knitter said...

don't worry about not finishing in time .. you'll still be able to post after the 8th and finish when you want.
Lynda ;0)

Jeska said...

!!That is so good to know. Next time I'll know my limits when it comes to signing up for the highest level!